Fashion Tips
Where’s your fashion? Here are the top ten things you need to remember, when it
comes to fashion not just this year, but any year. These tips will stand you in
good stead.
1.Avoid ill-fitting underclothes. These tend to create bulges, and are
all too evident over your top or dress. Old underclothes create a sagging
effect, which looks

absolutely horrendous. Do buy the correct size of
underwear, and maintain it properly.

2.Go for
clothes that fit
. Too-big, or too-small clothes look terrible.
Be careful while shopping, do ask the assistant for help. Remember that clingy
material tends to show up bulges or layers of fat.

3.If it’s
a slim look you wan
t, then stay away from heavy materials like
tweed and wool. Instead, we suggest you go for crepe, linen, etc. Do repair
your clothes and shoes ahead of the season, this makes you well prepared for
almost any occasion.

4.Go for a
look that suits you
, and your image. We don’t need to say this
twice. Your clothes should reflect your own personal style. Accessorize well to
look really great.

the shapes and sizes
. If you’re wearing a tight top, don’t wear
a tight pair of trousers, go for a slightly loose pair. The idea is to look
6.Put in splashes of color. Go for colorful clothes, get colors
that look good on you. Play around with reds and yellows and blues.

make the mistake of buying something that is in fashion
, but
does not suit you. Chances are you’ll look ghastly, and the purchase will be so
not worth it. Remember that your fashion should complement your look and your

shoes and your bag are the first things that people will notice about you
Often a great outfit is ruined because of tacky shoes, or a shabby bag. Invest
in good brands, and you won’t regret it.

appropriately for the occasion
. Don’t wear jeans to a formal
function, similarly, don’t wear something overtly revealing to an office party.
Be sure of what you’re wearing, and you must create the right kind of impression,
not a negative one.
10.Lastly, accessorize all your outfits with lots of attitude. That gets you through just about
everything – so wear your clothes with panache! Your style will show right

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