118 confirmed dead from Jos blast today, the search is still on – NEMA

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According to a report by AFP, the National Emergency Management
Agency, NEMA told them that 118 people have been confirmed dead from today’s bomb
blast in Jos, with several others still under the debris

“The exact figure
of the dead bodies recovered as of now is 118 and more bodies may be in
the debris of buildings which collapsed due to the intensity of the
blasts.” Mohammed Abdulsalam told AFP. He also revealed that 56 people were injured in the twin blasts.

Plateau state Police commissioner Chris Olakpe had earlier told
reporters that only 46 people were killed and 45
others were injured. He later said “We are saying 46. That’s the number
we have in the morgues. But we are not ruling out more bodies.”

Well, eye-witnesses insists there are way more bodies. At least 200. Many have not been recovered.

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Victor Ndah

this thing is getting worse oooo


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