3 Top Pregnancy and Sex Questions Answered

Talking about sex
with your physician can be a little on the embarrassing side (even as you get
older). Coupled with pregnancy, the physical act of sex can elicit a whole host
of questions and your doctor is the right person to ask. Let’s face it, the
medical professional who is about to guide you through the next nine months is
going to see

and experience a lot more of you, so you might as well get the sex
questions off your chest!

Obstetricians are
accustomed to fielding the questions/concerns of their pregnant patients and
some of them just might sound familiar to you. Jennifer Lesko, MD with Brigham and Women’s
in Boston, MA shared the three most common questions she gets from
prospective parents and her answers.
Will having sex
cause me to have a miscarriage?
Many couples worry
about the health of their baby during sexual intercourse and some even fear
that sex can actually cause a miscarriage, but this is not the case. Research indicates that miscarriages (particularly those that occur early on in
pregnancy) are a result of chromosomal abnormalities or other problems with the
growing fetus.
Will having sex
hurt the baby?
There’s no need for
you or your partner to worry about ‘hurting’ the baby during the act of
intercourse. The baby is protected by amniotic fluid from the mother’s uterus
and the muscles of the uterus itself. It’s also important to note that a
woman’s cervix is closed during pregnancy so you don’t have to wonder about
whether a certain ‘appendage’ might accidentally hit/touch the baby during
sex—it won’t!
Is sex safe
during pregnancy?
“Sex is safe and
okay to have during a normal pregnancy,” explains Dr. Lesko. Paula Kolbas, MD, an Ob/Gyn with New England OBGYN Associates in Brookline, MA concurs. She
clarifies that some of the fear may be the result of spotting or bleeding
during/after sex. This is fairly normal during the early months of pregnancy,
but Dr. Kolbas cautions that if the problem persists you should check with your
“If you bleed or
cramp during sex you should consult with your physician and/or abstain to make
sure there are no underlying problems,”she says.
With these
questions answered experts point out that there are conditions (or a history
of) where sex is not advised during pregnancy:
“If you have any
pregnancy complications such as placenta previa (placenta near your cervix),
preterm labor or a short cervix you should abstain from sex. It is very
important to discuss this with your physician,” Dr. Kolbas cautions.

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