one wants to wear sleeveless shirts or dresses when you feel like a small child
could swing on your arm jiggle. Get your arms in shape and go from flab to fab
by doing these 6 steps:
Melt the fat over the muscle. How? Bump up your cardio routine to at least

minutes four times a week, eat lean protein after your muscle workouts (like
grilled chicken or a hard-boiled egg), and make sure you eat 6 healthy meals a
day, including lots of fruits, veggies, and fiber. This will keep your
metabolism regulated and ensure that you’re never starving, which could lead to
making unhealthy meal choices.

Build muscle by increasing your dumbbell weight. You won’t see definition in
your arms if you never move beyond your 5 pound weights, so you need to up the
ante on why you’re lifting. Increase the weight by two pounds each week. Aim
for 8 reps your first day, 10 the next, and 12 the last day then up the weight.
Work on your arm muscles three times a week with a rest day in between. Don’t
worry about bulking up. Even if you’re using 15 pound dumbbells, your arms will
still remain lean.
Outside biceps curl
Work the different muscle fibers by hitting them from different angles. For
example, do outside biceps curls (elbows in by your sides, hands lift away from
you out to the sides, then up to your shoulders), forward curls, hammer curls,
preacher curls and cross curls (bring weights across body from left hip to
right shoulder). Start with 5 pound weights then work your way up to 15 pounds.
Do three sets of 12 reps three times a week. Rest the arms in between days and
do cardio on those off days.
Do French presses. Make your triceps a triple threat with French presses (hands
together overhead holding weight, then lower weight behind your head keeping
elbows pointing to the ceiling and press back up), kickbacks (lean forward,
lift elbows up near your ribcage and move weights from shoulders to hips and
back to shoulders), and tricep bench dips (sit on a bench, hands at your sides
and lift your butt off the bench, lower down toward the floor until elbows are
bent at 90 degrees and lift yourself back up by pressing through the palms).
For the French presses, start with 5 pound weights then work your way up to 15.
Do three sets of 12 reps three times a week. For kickbacks, stick with 5 pound
weights and do 20 reps each time. For dips, work up to 30-50 reps each time.
Push that weight off your shoulder. Do overhead presses with weights facing
forward and another set with them facing your ears using the same routine as
the French presses. Do front and side extensions by keeping arms straight and
lifting the 5 pound weight away from your body forward and to the side. Do 20
reps each time. Throw in some planks and yoga style down dogs in your other
workout days to continue to define those delts. For down dogs and planks, hold
up to 90 seconds each time.
Do push-ups. If you can’t get to the gym or you’re traveling, push-ups work all
three areas (biceps, triceps, shoulders) and your pecs conveniently. An easy
travel workout is 5 sets of 20 push-ups to equal 100. Doing 100 push-ups a few
times a week is my best trainer secret, and I do them religiously. Here is a
link to my push-up routine.
If you’re ever unsure of how many reps of each set to do, just go until you
can’t do any more. Then rest and move into another muscle group and go back to
that move for 3 sets throughout the routine. Working until ‘failure’ is the
best way to ensure muscle fatigue and amazing results.


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