Agonies Of Escape Schoolgirl: How I Wish My Colleagues Joined Me In Fleeing

One of the Chibok schoolgirls, Sarah Lawan, who escaped from captivity on the second day Boko Haram abducted them said she still wished her colleagues in detention had summoned her kind of courage to flee from their abductors.
Sarah who is 19 years old said she gets more traumatized each time she bumps into the grieving parents of her school mates that are still in the captivity of the Boko Haram.
“Each time I see the parents of my friends and classmates moving around in town with long faces, I feel sad, I feel like weeping again and I wished they agreed to run with us when we got the chance to run”, Sarah, who spoke with LEADERSHIP on phone, said. The lucky Chibok girl said most of the abducted girls were terrified by the threat warning made to them by the Boko Haram gunmen while they were being taken away.
“They told us that they are taking us somewhere safer, but warned that if any one of us dare tried to runaway they would shoot at us and kill us. So everyone was scared of disobeying their orders; even when I saw the opportunity to run”, said Sarah.
“We were driven on many trucks for hours to a point where we were told to go down the trucks; it was at that point, after I observed that the men that abducted us were not paying attention to us that I whispered to some of us to run, but many were scared because of the earlier warning; I was terrified as well  but I and one other girl, summoned courage and snuck out and we began to run. We ran for hours until we got to where we saw people we could trust who later assisted us to get to Chibok”.
Sarah wants the federal government and the Nigeria security forces to quickly rescue the girls, as she said she is not comfortable with the fact that the girls are still in the custody of the abductions.
“Everyday I wake up with the hope that my friends would be rescued; everyday we keep looking towards the direction of the road leading into Chibok to see if the girls would be brought in; but everyday our hopes are dampened when the night comes and none of them come home. The federal government and our soldiers must do everything to rescue them because I am always scared each time I remember the girls are with those men; they don’t look kind or gentle, they are not nice people to be with; I fear they don’t harm them”, said Sarah in broken voice.
The girl said she is not aware if American soldiers have arrived Sambisa or if any of them have commenced searching for her friends.
“I don’t know if there are soldiers from America, but I see some few soldiers in CHIBOK, who are just doing nothing serious that I can say will help bring my friends back. I heard that hunters are in Maiduguri and they want to go and search for my school mates; I plead with government to allow them go since they are hunters, I believe they have the ability to rescue the girls; we have seen and heard how they arrest Boko Haram members and hand them over to the soldiers”, said Sarah.

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