Bad food children should Avoid

Yogurt, bread, whole grain cereal, fruit
juice– these sound like staples of a healthy child’s diet, right?
However, these wholesome sounding foods may really be full of fat,
sugar, sodium, and unnecessary additives or have little nutritional
value at all. Read on to learn how to decipher food labels and make
healthier choices for your kids.

Soda drinks
Though many parents know that sugary
drinks pose a lot of dangers for kids, yet they keep rewarding or
bribing them  with sodas and fizzy drinks when they want them to do
their homework or a house chore. A can of soda is not 1 serving. A
12-ounce can of soda is actually 1 1/2 servings. Whether you drink the
whole can or not, it’s not a great choice for anyone, especially your
kids. A can of cola, for example, has about 10 teaspoons of sugar, more
than in a brownie. Sports drinks and juices also have sugar your kids
don’t need.
Water is a better option and kids can drink as much as they want. Low-fat milk is another great choice.
Meat pies and sausages are no longer
occasional treats for children. Experts say pastries contain processed
and less nutritious ingredients like sugar and butter which do children
no good.
Snacks should be served with fruits and
lots of water to help them digest the pastries quickly and to also add
healthy vitamins that they may have lost by eating junks.
Bread and butter is common place on most
breakfast tables. But do parents buy the correct type for the
kids?Experts say that whole wheat bread not white bread should be the
choice for kids.
“When buying bread, choose whole wheat
bread so you can give your kids the benefits of whole grains. Make sure
it says whole wheat or whole grains on the ingredients list. Also two to
three slices of bread is enough for the day.
Do not pack your child plates with pancakes or bread.
– Source:

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