Bees kill 83-yr-old Woman

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An 83-year old woman, Madam Nwanyiaro Orji, was stung to death by a swarm of
bees, in Nchoko Amiri community, Oru East local council area of Imo State .

It was gathered that the aged woman went to use the convenience located at the
back of the family house when suddenly people heard an unusual noise.

According to Vanguard report, A villager, who identified himself as Joe said
that they thought the noise came from a bunch of ripe bread fruit tree at the
backyard, pointing out that they never knew it was the beehive on top of the
bread fruit tree.

He said: “The angry bees, which home had been dislodged, started stinging
everybody within the vicinity, including the aged woman’s step-son, who was in
the kitchen at the time.”
It was further gathered that as the bees were having a field day on his
step-mother, the young man made a spirited attempt to pull her away from the

He added: “This did not work as the aged woman was not agile enough to scamper
into safety with her step-son. The boy hurriedly left the scene.”

Some youths later organised themselves, bought some cans of insecticide,
wrapped themselves properly and went after the bees.

Joe said: “After winning the battle against the
bees, the young men rescued the old woman and quickly rushed her to a nearby
private hospital, where the medical team did everything possible to save her
life. The woman died the next day.”

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Benjamin Chidi
Benjamin Chidi

this is very Shocking and confusing. too bad.

Victor Ndah

this is serious

chiboy okere

Hilariously confusing


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