Bill Clinton Accuses Press Of Blindness

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AP bill clinton jef 140430 16x9 608 Bill Clinton Accuses Political Press Of Blindness
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Former President Bill Clinton joined his wife Hillary Clinton in criticizing
the press for the way it covers politics, with the former president arguing that
the press “borders on blindness” when the facts don’t conform to a particular
story line.

Bill Clinton made his comments yesterday at a lecture he gave at Georgetown
University. Hillary Clinton made her remarks last week at the University of

“One of the problems is if a policymaker is a political leader and is
covered primarily by the political press, there is a craving that borders on
addictive to have a storyline,” Clinton said at the beginning of a lecture he
gave on policy at his alma mater. “And then once people settle on the story
line, there is a craving that borders on blindness to shoehorn every fact,
every development, every thing that happens into the story line, even if it’s
not the story.”

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Clinton told the audience, “I think that it’s very important to understand
we live in a time when, for a whole variety of reasons, policy making tends to
be dimly understood, often distrusted and disconnected from the consequences of
the policies being implemented.”

Clinton said he has “felt that most intensely in the development, the
passage, and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, but I also feel it
in many other areas as well.”

The former president gave a nearly two hour lecture on policy focusing on
the economy and his 1993 economic program, as well as a detailed inside look
into his role and view of the Middle East peace process during his time in

Clinton seemed to echo comments his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton made just last week when she also criticized the press at a speech to
students at the University of Connecticut, calling the “entertainment-driven”
approach to news “not good for the country and not good for journalism.”

“A lot of serious news reporting has become more entertainment-driven and
more opinion-driven, as opposed to factual,” Mrs. Clinton said. “People book
onto the shows political figures, commentators who will be controversial, who
will be provocative, because it’s a good show. You may not learn anything, but
you might be entertained.”

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