Can Egypt’s New PM Ibrahim Mahlab Achieve All These Promises?


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newly appointed Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab has promised that his cabinet
will within the short period to return the country’s lost glory.
construction magnate from the era of ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak, was
appointed new prime minister on Tuesday, some two months ahead of key presidential
65-year-old Ibrahim Mahlab, who had for more than a decade led Egypt’s biggest
construction company, Arab Contractors, to replace veteran economist Hazem
el-Beblawi, who resigned on Monday.
The swift
replacement came after an increase in workers’ strikes across the country and
the government’s failure to deliver on promises to increase public sector wages.
promise God that I will become an honest servant in the service of the people.
I will do my utmost with all the power I have to achieve the future ambitions of the Egyptian people,” Mahlab said, addressing
journalists in Cairo, following his appointment.
member of this cabinet will have to work day and night, we don’t have time to
waste but work, every member of this cabinet will be ‘holy warriors’ in the
service of the people,” he added.
Mubarak’s ouster in a 2011 uprising, persistent turmoil has sapped investment
and tourism, draining the country of its main sources of foreign currency.
removal by the military of Mubarak’s successor, Islamist President Mohammed
Morsi, last summer, and the street violence that followed, has deepened the
country’s economic woes.
While the
anti-Islamist oil-rich Gulf countries have poured in billions of dollars in
grants and loans to boost the Egyptian economy, tens of thousands of textile workers, doctors, pharmacists and even policemen have gone
on strike.
Many fear
unrest ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.
appointment was met with cautious optimism on the streets of Cairo “God
willing Ibrahim Mahlab will present an efficient government better than the
previous one. We need to feel the change, we need a government that will make
its mark for the people,” said one local resident.

need cabinet members that work and not just sit in offices not knowing what is
happening on the ground,” said another.
The big
question still remain can Egypt’s New PM Ibrahim Mahlab Achieve All these Promises?

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chiboy okere

It's under a probability Cox if the government influence him positively he will,but if d influence comes negatively he ll Neva Cox money is the root of all injurious things said the word of God


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