Check Out The Top Names Missing In The List Of Awardees For Nollywood At 20


What is what doing at all, a white man adages says, it’s worth doing
well. But for the organisers of Nollywood at 20 awards, they have
displayed that even at 20, Nollywood is yet to get it right, this is
shown in the series of bullshits they reel out that they call movies.

the orgnisers of the said honour, have totally displayed their high
sense of unprofessionalism in doing things. Recently, the organisers
draw up a list of veteran actors, actresses, producers, directors,
make-up artists, etc, those who have made the industry tick for 20 years
and these names are conspicuously missing or omitted, Genevieve Nnaji,
Regina Askia, Alex Lopez, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha and numerous others
like Sandra Achums, Ada Ameh, Maureen Ihua, Anne Njemanze, Patience
Oghre, Charles Okafor, Basorge Tariah Jr. and others.

Does this
mean that these name listed above have not contributed anything to the
uplift of the industry? Are they saying that the people whose names are
on the list, most of which are on the same wavelength with the
organisers, have done better than the omitted names? They cannot honour
Dagogo Daminas without honouring Gabriel Okoye for movie make up in

You cannot honour Franca Brown without honouring
Onyeka Owenu, who gave Nollywood movies a world class Oscar performance
in “Conspiracy” by Director: Ndubuisi Okoh; also starring: Nkem Owoh,
Larry Koldsweat, Charles Okafor, Salomey Okeke, Obi Madubogwu, Ijeoma
Eze, Ifeanyi Ezeokeke and others. What of Toyin Adegbola of Afolabi
Adesanya’s “Asewo Tore Mecca” best-selling movie?

Hear what a
source said, “the list looks like the organizers were just name-dropping
without crosschecking from the DGN, SWGN, AMP, ANTP and ITPAN to
nominate those who truly deserve awards? What criteria did the
organizers use for their scale of preference in measuring achievements
in Nollywood?

Those whose names made the list seemed to have
compromised their professional principles in selfish pursuit of titles
and showed up to collect their awards when people of integrity would
have politely declined and insist on meritocracy and not mediocrity.”

source said, “the guilds and associations would have been able to
nominate worthy people from their respective guilds who have really
ACHIEVED for Nollywood!

We need to avoid contradictions and be
able to give recognition to those who deserve them for what they have
truly achieved in both Nollywood and Kannywood that is in fact older
than Nollywood. And lest we forget, “Living in Bondage’ did not launch
the Nigerian home entertainment industry of Nollywood, and it is not the
first best-selling home video movie in Nigeria.

Eddie Ugbomah’s
movie “The Great Attempt” (1989) was also released in video and heaven
knows that Late Alade Armoire who produced Ekun, Omije, Obirin Asiko,
Ayo ni o, Adun, Orire and other commercially successful home videos
between 1985 and 1991 is the father of Nollywood and not Ken Nnebue with
his “Living in Bondage”.

“Moreover chicanery and tribal bigotry must stop in Nollywood.

has become synonymous with the Nigerian film industry and so we must
not turn it into sectional enterprise of nepotism and tribal-racism.

must reject all lies and fraudulent practices now common in Nollywood,
from hijackers of film festivals and awards to shameless liars
distorting the history of the Nigerian film industry, because of their
intellectual ignorance, greed and selfish opportunism,” a top movie
practitioner said.

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