Comedy In Nigeria

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Medical science has proven that amusement can be a source of healing to a
depressed heart. However Laughter reduces pain, increases job
performance, connects people emotionally, and improves the flow of
oxygen to the heart and brain.

When comedy started gaining
recognition in Nigeria in the 1980s, those on the scene then would
rather prefer to lean more on the business side of Mastering a Ceremony
(MC) than mainly cracking jokes. Those who ventured into the comedy
aspect were few, likes of (late) Mohammed Danjuma, Ali Baba, Ibokoko,
Barsorge, Agoma, Alarm Blow, and a few others were those who started the
comedy business in Nigeria.

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Whether it paid or not, at the time
when everyone thought it scornful to be addressed as a comedian but
would prefer the MC tag, but the godfather of comedy Ali Baba came up
courageously and creatively in the late 80s/early 90s, and subsequently
changed history by pioneering stand-up comedy. He saw the immense
business opportunities in the industry and took advantage of the market.
Today, it can be boldly said that the amount of money comedians charge
per show surpasses the annual income of a regular banker.

Opa williams made more to light when he introduced the programme ‘A
night of a thousand laughs.’ The programme churned out an increasing
number of comedy CDs for the public. Which made many more interested in
the business and bringing out more acts.

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Benjamin Chidi
Benjamin Chidi

comedian in Nigeria are really trying..

Munachi I

Comedy is good

chiboy okere

Ya it's kuul

Victor Ndah

its lovely


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