A crime can be seen as a serious offence, an act that breaks
the law. It is an illegal act or activity that can be punished by law. For any
act to be called a crime, there must be a previous existence of the law
prohibiting that act to warrant public prosecution.
However, when an act is committed by adults, that act
becomes a crime while it becomes juvenile delinquency when committed by young
people below the age of eighteen (18). These young ones are referred to as
minors. Little wonder Okonkwo and Naish(The criminal law- 1996) defined crime
as those breaches of the law resulting in special accusatorial procedure
controlled by the state, and liable to sanction over and above compensation and

In Nigeria, the common law is practiced, in which an accused
is deemed to be innocent until proven guilty. Hence, a person can be called a
criminal if, and only if he has been found guilty in the law court after due

There are numerous category of crime. These different
categories aid legal practitioners to how they file their motion in a court of
law. The categories are as follows
This is the killing of a human being by
another human being. This act is so serious that it is scarcely excusable. Once
a person have been shown to have caused the death of a human being, he will
(except in few cases) be guilty of a crime even though he did not force or
intend death as a result of his conduct.
According to Okonkwo and Naish- 1996
(mentioned earlier), it is an attempt or a threat to apply unlawful force on
another person in such a way that he believes that such force is about to be
applied on him.
This means breaking a person’s house with
an intention to steal.
This, however, happens to be or better
still is the most serious offence in the criminal code and it attract a death
penalty. This offense is an act to overthrow one’s government or to harm or
kill its sovereign, for example, the president or a governor.
This is an act, likely to injure an individual’s
reputation by exposing him to contempt, ridicule, hatred, or likely to damage
an individual in his profession or trade by an injury to his reputation.
Other categories of crime are prostitution,
robbery, extortion, gambling, and consumption of narcotic drugs e.t.c . All these,
if not properly checked and controlled bring about disorder in the society.
Nevertheless, it is pertinent to note the
reason for crime and punishment in the society. They include unemployment, economic
reasons, political reasons, the value system and the Get-Rich-Quickmania .
To maintain social order in the society,
criminal activities or behaviors has punishment attached to it which is enshrined
in the criminal code. To punish implies making a person suffer because he has
broken the law or has done something wrong. Generally criminals are punished to
prevent future recurrence of the act and to serve as deterrence to other by the
victim and to maintain law and order.
Contributed by Justice. O. Nwaneri

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Favour e. Onyema
Favour e. Onyema

Your articles are very educative and informative. keep it up lord justice.

Favour e. Onyema
Favour e. Onyema

In this burglary of a thing, what is the punishment a person who committed it undergoes?

Justice .O. Nwaneri
Justice .O. Nwaneri

Nice comments. They are appreciated. Linjust and her administrators will without fail give a detailed answer in the next legal article.

Favour e. Onyema
Favour e. Onyema


Favour e. Onyema
Favour e. Onyema

I was soo flabbergasted when i saw the word *get-rich quickmania* explanation pls!

Justice . O . Nwaneri
Justice . O . Nwaneri

Thanks. Get rich quickmania is a mentality that drives some individuals. It aims at making them look for fast and subtle means of making money, hence getting themselves involved in crime.


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