Death Toll Rises [245] at Turkey Coal Mine Disaster

Rescuers are still hunting desperately for scores of Turkish coal miners missing after an explosion caused a pit to collapse, killing at least 245 by yesterday.
Though dozens have escaped the pit in the western town of Soma, officials say about 120 are still unaccounted for.
On a visit to Soma, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said every aspect of the tragedy would be investigated and “no stone would be left unturned”.
But protests erupted in the town, with crowds hurling abuse at the government.
Frantic relatives have gathered at the mine, waiting for news of loved ones
As ambulances took away an increasing number of bodies, some of the bereaved wailed uncontrollably and were carried away by their families.
Nearly 450 workers have been rescued, according to the mine operator. However, no survivors have been found in the last few hours.
Mr Erdogan said 80 of those rescued had been treated for injuries, none of which were serious. Nineteen of these had already been discharged from hospital.
“I just want everybody to know that the disaster will be investigated in every aspect and will continue to be investigated and we are not going to allow any negligence, or leave any stone unturned,” he told journalists in Soma.
Earlier he announced three days of mourning for the victims.
According to reports from Soma, family members of missing miners are gathered at the hospital and have vowed not move from there until they got information about their loved ones.
Meanwhile police fired tear gas and water cannon at about 800 protesters angered by the disaster as they tried to march from a university in Ankara to the energy ministry.
There were also reports of a protest in Istanbul outside the headquarters of Soma Holding, the company that owns the mine.
Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said 787 people had been inside the mine when an electrical fault triggered the blast.
He added that carbon monoxide poisoning had claimed many lives.
The electrical fault triggered a power cut, making the mine cages unusable. Those trapped are reported to be 2km (1.2 miles) below the surface and 4km from the mine entrance.
The blast happened at about 12:30 GMT on Tuesday.
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Victor Ndah

my God things are getting worse everyday…


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