Do You Know That Stroke Is The Third Leading Cause Of Death? [MUST READ]


Stroke is a condition that
principally presents with sudden inability of the affected individual to move
his or her hands and/or legs. Stroke is a common phenomenon that means
different things to different people.

To most people in Africa,
stroke is a product of evil spell from
an enemy. Interestingly, the sudden
onset of signs and symptoms of stroke somewhat support their negative
That is why you sometimes
hear reports like these;

Doctor, this man came back from work healthy and robust, slept and woke up to
urinate but suddenly discovered that he couldn`t move his right hand and leg.

Doctor, there is nothing wrong with my Husband; I mean nothing was happening to
him. While he was scolding my second son this morning, I heard a shout; when I
came out, I found my husband on the floor, unable to talk or move the hand.
They [my enemies] have done their worst but I know am serving a living God.   

Doc, my husband drove himself to the office this morning. Just after 4 hours he
left the house, precisely, by 12 noon, I received a distress call that my own
husband slumped during a departmental meeting. God forbid! Devil is a liar.
They will never succeed in that office.

Doc, the truth is that his uncle has been threatening him and we all know that
he has made good his threat.

According to Dr. Richard
Okoye , a medical practitioner and a researcher, he continues; these ignorant
conclusions have made devils wear crowns they never merited.

In this section, we shall
unravel the mystery behind stroke as well as the gross deception and
misconception that empowered devil through people`s ignorance. No wonder the
bible says, my people perish for lack of knowledge.

The fact about stroke

Stroke is not exclusively
African`s problem. No! It is rather the number one disabling disease condition
in the world. It is not a respecter of race, colour, title or position. 
If you can recall, in late 2005, the former Isreali Prime Minister, Ariel
Sharon, told the world the ugly part of the story when stroke retried him from
service unceremoniously.

In America also, the national
Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) reported that 700,000
people (i.e. one every 45 seconds) suffer a stroke each year. Out of which,
500,000 occurs as first time stroke while 200,000 as recurrent stroke. Also
statistics from America Stroke Association reveals that stroke is the third
leading cause of death of about 160,000 America each year.

The report further reveals
that about 25% of people who recover from a first stroke will have another
within five years, and the chance of death and disability increases with each
stroke, if proper attention is not given.

If America which acknowledges
little or nothing about witches and wizards, records this outrageous prevalence
of stroke, it implies that majority of the so-called enemy-orchestrated strokes
and deaths in Africa have no satanic origin, said Dr Okoye.

He also said that the rate of
stroke in Africa, precisely, Nigeria is currently alarming. Despite the poor
statistical record, there is no day a stroke patient is not admitted in the
Emergency Unit where I work. Regrettably, majority of the stroke cases present
when the worst had already occurred.

However, despite these awful
but factual reports, the good news is that there is a lot people can do to
prevent both stroke and it`s reoccurrence. You now have the opportunity to make
stroke a history through the power of applied knowledge. By knowledge shall the
just ones be delivered says the bible.

Have you ever thought of “HOW

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