Eleven Dead in Congo Republic Clash

people, including a former rebel leader were killed in Congo Republic
in a clash between police and a group of immigrants from neighbouring
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), police said on Sunday.

The clash came amid heightened tensions between the two countries
after Congo Republic expelled more than 70,000 DRC citizens in an
operation Brazzaville officials say is aimed at ending a crime wave
linked to foreigners.

Among those killed in Saturday’s clash were three policemen and a
former DCR rebel leader, Udjani Mangbama, who fought in the so-called
Dongo rebellion in northwest Congo in 2009.

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Police said they had come under attack from a group of DRC nationals
waving machetes after following up on complaints from local residents in
the town of Owando, about 500 km (300 miles) north of Brazzaville.

Three people were killed in the initial confrontation and seven more,
including Mangbama, died after police pursued the group in a car chase, the police statement said, adding that the situation in the area had now returned to normal.

Tens of thousands of refugees from northwest DRC spilled across the
border into Congo Republic in 2009 when inter-ethnic fighting broke out
over access to fishing ponds.

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