Exposed : ‘Samuel Eto’o is 39, not 32’

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A former lover of Chelsea footballer Samuel Eto’o has accused the striker for being seven years older than he claims to be.

The allegation comes after Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho said Eto’o was probably older than 32.

samuel-etoo‘The problem with Chelsea is I lack a scorer,’ said Mourinho.

‘I have Eto’o but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?’

Now the footballer’s ex Anna Barranca has joined the debate saying: ‘I think Samuel is not 35 he is more 39.

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‘Samuel was born in 1974 and so that makes him 39 now.’

The Italian hairdresser says she was informed of the sport stars true
age by a friend who grew up with Eto’o in Cameroon, west Africa.

A Chelsea source said Eto’o’s passport clearly states that the footballer is 32.

Ms Barranca, 43, is the mother of his child Annie.

Mourinho arrived in Istanbul on Monday night livid that remarks he made
in a private conversation which undermine his strikers had been secretly
filmed and broadcast.

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Football Age…. is not different from your real age oh.

Oga Eto I salute Oh.

chiboy okere

Age shouldn't be a problem for now mourinho should not be bothering himself abt that

Dr Zico

i thought as much

Dr Zico

thought as much


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