•Eat a hard-boiled egg with tea in the morning to start your day off with a boost of energy. The protein from the egg will keep you from feeling sluggish, and the tea will give you the same jolt of caffeine as coffee – but without the crash.

•Drink more green tea. It has digestive properties that can help fight against Alzheimer’s triggers.

•Studies show that people who drink two or more soft drinks a week had an 87 per cent increased risk for pancreatic cancer.

•To help prevent heartburn, try chewing three extra times before swallowing food or take a sip of water between bites.

•To help lower blood pressure, try hibiscus tea. Studies show a cup a day can have similar effects to some hypertension medications.

•Try a healthy dinner tonight. Instead of red meat, substitute turkey or chicken to create a flavourful dish that’s low in fat.

•The magnesium in spinach can help blood vessels relax, which may help prevent heart attacks.

•If you feel a cold coming on, stick with the age-old remedy of chicken soup. The steam will clear your sinuses and the vegetables will help reduce your body’s inflammation.

• If you’re worried about ulcers, try swapping out coffee for green tea. You’ll still get the caffeine you crave without irritating your stomach the way coffee can.

•Almost half of your daily calories should come from complex carbohydrates, so fill up on vegetables, fruits and whole grains.



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