Happy 54th Independence Day, Nigeria!

TODAY Wednesday, October 1, 2014,
marks the 54th anniversary of our independence from our colonial genitors,
Great Britain. It is a moment of triumph for both countries.
The United Kingdom has just survived
a referendum that would have seen the separation of Scotland from the rest of
the country if the “ayes” had had it.

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And for Nigeria, we are gradually
reasserting our territorial integrity after the second bid by separatists to
dismember the country and create a new identity out of a nation born exactly
one century ago.
Nigeria have come a
long way, since, October 1st, 1960.
So far we have come; so much we
have gone through, endured, survived; so much more we are yet to accomplish.
Nigeria definitely has a lot of unresolved issues just like any other
country, but her beauty will never fade away.
Happy, happy independence day! What
do you think of our journey so far?

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6 Comments on "Happy 54th Independence Day, Nigeria!"

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happy independence too linjust.com thanks 4 d message u sent 2 me


Thank God, for making it possible for us to see this 54th Anniversary of our Independence


hurrah 9ja at 54 proud to be a 9ja


I pray that God should continue guiding and protecting us and also gives us Good health as we live to see the next coming Independent day celebration Happy Independent day to all my Friends and well Wishes . May the Good God Protect us all in Jesus Name Amen.!!!!!!!


Happy Independence Day Good People Of Nigeria.
Corruption Would be a thing of the past! That's my prayer for Nigeria


Nigeria is Growing. Happy Independence Day Good People Of Nigeria.


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