Heart Attack – Signs You Need To Look Out For and Their Prevention.


You can call it the silent killer or the mysterious killer
because it strikes like a thunder after sign of a flash of lightening.
Think of
any Disease; just like that disease which you have thought about, heart attack
has signs with which it could be recognized. The classic symptoms/signs of heart
attack are:




Shortness Of Breath


Irregular Heart Beat
These symptoms are often as a result of physical exertion or
sudden emotional stress. Another finding in heart attack is that the frequency
of its occurrence increases between 4am and 10am. This is the result of the
body`s adrenaline released during this period. In the United States “If you
have chest pain with one of these symptoms go to the emergency room immediately”.
This is a warning given to patients.

According to Dr. Richard C. Okoye , Chest pain remains the most
important presenting symptoms, but please note that not all chest pains are
heart attack. So many conditions unrelated to the heart could give rise to
chest pain. For example indigestion, pneumonia, anxiety, pleurisy, infection, peptic
ulcer, heart burn e .t. c
If you have any of the symptoms earlier mentioned, please visit
your doctor or visit the nearest hospital. Remember Health is wealth, if you
don`t have good health you cannot look for money.
After considering these signs/ symptoms, it is also expedient to
know how you can prevent heart attack. Heart attack is an acute emergency and
apparently no health care delivery facility is ideal for proper management of
heart attack in Nigeria. Lack of good communication system, good ambulance
facilities, good road and good cardio-resuscitatory facilities are some of the
problems. Therefore, to most Africans, the word “Prevention” should remain the
watch word. The good news is that heart attack can be minimized, and prevented
if you fulfill these principles.
Eat a good diet- Reduce consumption of foods
high in saturated fat and sodium (salt) to reduce cholesterol and blood
pressure. Take more vitamins, rich food and anti- oxidant like fruits.
Control your blood sugar, blood pressure and
weight. These three are relatives of heart attack, and they must be put on your
check list.
your body – Physical inactivity result in doubled risk of heart attack.
Research shows that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart attack by
50%. Moderate exercise has been found to inhibit blood clotting, help control
blood sugar and also increase the good cholesterol (HDL).
Quit Smoking – This is the most important
element in the prevention of heart attack. All over the world, except in
Africa, the tobliacco producers are sweating because of policies against them. The
world health organization has done everything to protect people from this
danger, but because life is a choice. Individual`s are left to make their
 According to the American Heart Report; Smoking
triples the risk of heart attack. Cigarette smoking also lowers the age for
initial heart attack more in women than for men. 
In summary, heart attack is the number
one killer of Americans and majority of the victims are smokers. Thus, the
deadly effect of  smoking on the heart made the world health
organization introduce the slogan; Smokers are liable to die young.
The good news is that people who quit smoking can decrease their risk of heart
related death by 25% within 2 years. Former smokers may approach the risk level
of a non smoker between 3 – 5 years of quitting.
Take your Health seriously, Remember it is only when you are
healthy that you can be wealthy.  


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