How This One Trick Could Transform Your Body

Reading about sports these days, we are constantly bombarded
with news of top notch athletes being exposed for using illegal steroids. …

Steroid use involves huge costs, legal issues, and above
all, potential health problems. With such risks, you wonder why anyone would be
tempted to go this route.
Fortunately, steroid use may eventually be a thing of the
past.  That’s because medical researchers studying how the human body
builds muscle and endurance are developing safe and legal substances which can
increase the body’s ability to build muscle, without the health risks
associated with steroids.
One of the most interesting fields of research surrounds a
naturally occurring chemical compound called nitric oxide. 
Nitric oxide is a
vasodilator, which means it helps move oxygen to the muscles when they need it
most. Increased nitric oxide in the blood stream signals the blood vessel walls
to relax, which allows more blood to flow to the body’s muscles, thus
delivering more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
It’s been shown to lead to:
  • Drastic
    Muscle Gains
  • Increased
    Blood Flow and Oxygen Delivery
  • Boosted
    Strength, Endurance, and Power
  • Support
    for Your Immune System
  • Immediate
  • Total
    Body Transformation
While the body naturally increases nitric oxide during
workouts, it’s only a limited amount and researchers have been focused on
artificially increasing your nitric oxide levels.
One of the most successful products that has emerged from
this research is called Factor 2.  It uses
“arginines,” special amino acids specifically linked to nitric oxide
production to significantly increase oxygen and nutrient flow to the muscles
during workouts.  As a result, it can safely spark powerful muscle growth,
muscle definition, and strength.
Factor 2 produces noticeable results by maximizing your
muscle gains as you power through your workouts and within a few weeks, users
are starting to notice additional muscle definition and strength.
Factor 2 is now the recognized leader in nitric oxide
stimulation and legal, safe muscle and strength enhancement.  It was’s Best New Brand of the Year (2011) and pro athletes are
taking note.
Athletes like professional football player Vernon Davis have
discovered the dramatic benefits of using a nitric oxide supplement. Davis has
been an advocate of Factor 2 since first taking it, telling his teammates in
San Francisco, “Factor 2 has proven results. I believe in results.”
Best of all, the company is currently conducting a marketing
campaign where new customers can receive a two-week supply of the supplement to
try for free
. While the Factor 2 free trial offer is available only
on, Factor 2 brand products are available in GNC stores

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