How to Loose Weight without any Risk..!

a lot of people had tried all sorts of drugs and products all because the want their weight to reduce,in order words they feel they are too Fat and want to become Slim at all cost..but before i continue there's nothing bad in being fat,infact i love Fat Ladies and the truth is because naturally they look Chubby and beautiful but don't quote me wrong i don't mean a very fat or heavyweight lady Oh "hahaha" remember the SLIM ladies are also beautiful and they look 9ice and Smart…Now let's go back to business,to reduce your weight just try this recipe..!Step 1: Drink a lot of water every day at least 2litres.Step 2: After your morning prayers,try Jogging for a distance of at least 2 km.Step 3: Reduce the amount of groundnut/vegetable oil your food contains,you can as well replace vegetable oil/groundnut oil with palm oil..Step 4 : Do as many household chores as possible even if they are not neccessary.Step 5: Every evening take a walk down the street for at least 45 minutes.
Step 6: Don't eat too much carbohydrates as it will make you look wider…Step 7 : read novels that have a lot of suspicious chapters or watch movies that contains a lot of suspense…..NOW try the steps above for just 2 weeks and comment what your experience and new look is like,you can as well share your pictures showing when you were very fat and now that you look slim……have a nice weekend and stay cool…feel free to post your comments and questions…and you can as we'll add me up on fb for a chat….

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woow!…..lets go dia…..wanna loose weight….will try dat.

chiboy okere

Great I all tellmy aunty abt this


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