Crime has been very troublesome and life threatening to everybody
living in the world today. Almost, if not all mankind has been a victim of
crime. But every person who is living today is in fear of crime and being a
victim. But, can I protect myself from crime?
Crime today can be grouped in different forms; Kidnapping,
robbery, fraud, cybercrime and sexual assault.
Kidnapping has been a threat to the wealthy and the poor
alike, in our world today if you have money and expose yourself you are in
trouble, and if you do not have money as well you are in trouble. We can
protect ourselves if we stick to the following advice. Whenever you find
yourself in a strange environment try to know the address or the name of the
place, this you can do by looking at the sign posts or banners. Then try to
take note of every slight usual movement and act quickly. You should have the
police emergency number in your phone. If there is a way to escape that should
be done swiftly. Continue..
Robbery is also another problem that affects our society
today. Even if you’re not the person being robbed the horror from the scene is
very bad to our memories. Many people have ignorantly lost their lives in a
robbery scene. Some would want to watch the robbers and probably the policemen
exchange bullets and at that they lose their lives. What do we need to do when
such situations arise ? When we notice the presence of thieves in our
environment, we need to run as fast as possible in other to get away from the
area and we should not try to see how the bullets would be fired because it can
take our life. We should be very cautious of any place we are, if you find out
that the place you are is no more safe  for you, run away from that place and stay
safe. No wonder the bible says at proverbs 22:3 “Happy is the man who saw calamity and
proceed to hide ˮ.  
Many people have been a victim of fraud by fraudster. One
can choose to keep away from such people. Do not be greedy, that is what led many
to fraudsters. Money is good but when you want to get reach by all means then
you give a chance for fraudsters. Do not engage in business with them, any
business worth huge sum should be done with a person seen and known well. Avoid
sending your details to unknown people including your account details,
business, and otherwise. Any person who tell you to come in a business where
you will use one thousand to get one million and you don`t know details about
the person tell him go and don`t even try something unimaginable by having a
light brain and thinking only in one direction. Be very shrewd in considering
such a business and avoid greed.
Children and women are often vulnerable to sexual harassment even in their own house, at school, at work place, on the road and other
places. Parents should teach their children how to react whenever they face
such situation. children are suppose to have either their mother or father`s
number offhand, when such arise they can be very wise by running to a person
and tell the person please call my daddy or mummy for me. When a child notice a
stranger around or when held by a stranger the child can shout to any nearby
person, “please
am afraid of this man holding me, I don`t know him, please take me away from
him ˮ. A child should be very observable of anywhere they find themselves,
report fast to the nearest person when you are not favorable with those you are
seeing around yourself.
Generally, may we be very much cautious of any place we find
ourselves. If we notice any strange movement or persons we should try and act
accordingly, avoid greed, and be very shrewd with our environment.
Contributed by Jahswill Chibuike

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