Ladies, have you ever been toasted by a guy and then all of a sudden, he just floats away?
There are a few reasons to that. It’s likely not because you were not physically on point, or he wouldn’t have started the process with you to begin with.

In most cases, the 2 possible factors to a good man’s withdrawal are: 
1. No chemistry with him
2. No Humility.

I have unfortunately come to see a rise of factor number 2 in this our generation, which is terribly unfortunate…

Ladies, a (real) man could care less about your money. 
Yes, being gorgeous piqued his interest but you will need more than just that to KEEP it.
Yes the beginning stages will have all the yanga and all that, but after that phase (which shouldn’t last too long btw), what are you really showing that man?

The primary thing a man needs from you, is not your love, but your respect
Because from that, comes the right kind of love necessary to maintaining your man.

I hear a lot of my more honest female friends say: “I cannot love him If I don’t respect him”. 
Love without respect is tantamount to the sort of love you have for a puppy, dog, cat or your girlfriends….not a man.
It is important for every woman praying for her man to keep this very crucial fact in mind.

Now you may think you can pull the wool over his eyes by being nice to him and all that, but you are mostly deceiving yourself because a watchful man is not just looking at how you treat him, but also how you treat others. And if you’re faking it, you will slip.

Contrary to what many of you think, men are very intelligent when it comes to deciding who they want to get serious with long-term.
We analyze and we project with fore-sight. We see attitudes and we project them years into the future and analyse the form that attitude will take by then. This is a gift men have, as women tend to be more “in the moment” with their decisions.

It is important to understand that men are NOT women and you cannot associate with a man the way you would with your fellow woman. If you disagree with this, you had better educate yourself for your sake (e.g. I personally don’t think anyone should marry without reading a book like “Men are from mars, Women are from venus”. Remember those seemingly innocent conversations you have with him? Even though he is laughing with you, he is subconsciously using them to analyse which category you fall in.

You: “Can you imagine that from all the chairs in the room, they wanted me to sit down on that rickety-looking chair?”
Man: “Really? How dare they”
Man’s mind: She’s too proud. What does she want to sit down on, a throne? She doesn’t seem like the type who can easily put her ego aside or “come down” for the sake of peace. That won’t be good for marriage…

If you are always trying to tell your man how one person seemingly did this or that to you, and after he analyses it he sees that the person may not have been wrong, though he might agree with you for the sake of peace…he is making other decisions inside him as to what to do with you.

The key to this is (contrary to what you might have thought) not to stop telling your man about your day to day…but to, on your own, be humble
Detach yourself from the mindset that everyone and everything should worship you, serve you or put you on any sort of pedestal.
Decouple yourself from the “princess” mentality.
Grow the heart of a servant.

Why am I telling you this? Because I am tired of seeing brilliant, heavily-employed, outstanding women totally missing the point and thus remaining single and searching long into their years. I want you my sisters fulfilled and I want you to understand that, contrary to the fallacy of media, Humility is one of your brightest virtues as a woman that will promote every area of your personal life, especially with men. Just as the lack of certain manly traits in a man often illicit’s the charge:”Be a man!”, I also charge you: “Be a woman!”.

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