He’s what you’d call a consummate actor. Jibola Dabo from Ondo
State has been in the movie industry for many decades and has been a
source of inspiration to young ones in the field of make-believe. In
this chat with SAMUEL ABULUDE, the AGN vice president (South West) bares
his mind on his love life, Nollywood and why he is interested in

What you are currently working on?

There is a movie I just finished shooting few weeks back. At the
moment, I’m not working on any movie; I’m only working on my political
vision. In terms of movies, I’ve concentrated on helping the younger
ones that are coming into the industry to grow. I had something to do
with Mnet series recently, most of the movies are targeted at helping
the young ones to grow.

Who is the real Jibola Dabo?

I’m a very compassionate human being, a man who feels the pains of
his people and a man who is too plain to a fault. That is why so many of
my friends and colleagues keep asking if I can play politics
considering my level of plainness. I’m a very straightforward man and I
believe a politician can also be straightforward. I started a foundation
recently in my place, and I know how it feels when someone comes to
tell me he or she cannot pay school fees. I keep paying for the ones I
can pay while I tell others to either exercise patience or look for an

Tell us about your kids and wives?

I have plenty of kids. I have five children and they have given me five grand children.

Are all your children from one woman?


Does that mean you are a polygamous man?

People misunderstand what polygamy means. I’m an ardent supporter of
polygamy. Every single man, mostly from Africa, is polygamous in nature.
We are just deceiving ourselves. Polygamy means when you see a woman
you love and desire, you marry her with the consent of your already
married wife and bring her home. It’s not when you have one wife at home
then you have others scattered in different other places- that is not
polygamy. And not when you have three wives whereas you can’t even take
care of one- that is an insult to polygamy.

There are so many women out there who just want to have a man as an
umbrella, but we keep saying one man one woman. Yet the women keep
suffering. We all know that we have much more women in this world than
men-the ratio is too high. My father had six wives; my uncle that
brought me up also had so many wives. What I’m saying is that it’s not
illegal, we are not in America. Ironically, the white man would have one
wife and still keep so many mistresses. If not, there wouldn’t have
been an English word for concubines. That means it exists in their
culture. Which is better, concubines or wives? In the days when polygamy
was well respected, diseases were not rampant. It’s now that men hide
to do it that strange sexually transmitted diseases have become the
order of the day.

So sir, how many wives do you have?

I have only one but I have children from more than one woman. And
it’s not because I had mistresses, it’s because I have lived in various
countries including America, France and Britain. I’m this person that
any woman that comes to me would always want to have something for me. I
have had experience… I was with a woman and years later a child was
brought to me-a child I didn’t know when it was conceived.

Do you intend having another wife soon?

I’m separated. But there is somebody in my life, and certainly I will remarry.

So what do women really see in you that makes you irresistible?

I don’t know what they see. But I have lots of respect for women. You
would never see a woman who had been with me saying anything negative-I
don’t abuse women.

Tell us more about your political aspiration?

It’s something that has been in the making for a while. For some
time, I keep receiving invitations from people especially the youths in
my state which is Ondo State to join the political race so as to
effectively represent them. It’s not the normal cliché that my people
want me. The invitations kept coming and I said to myself, I’m not a
politician and I don’t have such money for politicking. It got to a
point after I got honoured by the state as Ambassador for Culture and
Tourism, It dawned on me that I was actually playing the politics
indirectly (he laughs). And I said, ‘why don’t I try to get a piece of
power, which will give me a voice to help my people?’ This is because if
you don’t have power, you don’t have a voice and there is no way you
can effectively help in changing anything. That was how I made up my
mind to vie as member, House of Representatives, Owo/Ose Federal

Why the choice of PDP?

When you get to my state for example, the most attractive party you
might want to work with might be APC. People are beginning to think that
APC is a South West thing and the best to associate with but I disagree
with such partisan politics. My people called me and said they would
follow me wherever I go. I realised that the party under which I can run
and which can benefit my people is PDP. I’m tired of seeing my people
in the opposition.

How do you think you can succeed under the PDP umbrella, considering its present challenges?

Where are the people that left PDP? Are they not all in APC? I still
believe that the devil you know is better that the angel you don’t know.
If PDP is so bad, is it the name that is bad or the people in there?

What are your plans when elected?

I grew up knowing pains and hunger. I know what my people need. I’ve
already worked on my blueprint. Having played different roles as an
actor including a president, senator etc, I’ve for long understood what
it takes to effectively represent people.

How will you cope with the huge financial demand of political race?

Apart from using my personal finances, I’m also hoping that some
people would throw their weights behind me. If we keep thinking that
politics is a dirty game, then we will keep having the wrong people in
positions of authorities ruling us the way they like.

After actualising your political ambition, will you dump acting?

Never! It’s basically a break. I will retire back into acting. And
among the causes I will pursue over there, many will focus on this

The movie Dirty Secret attracted lot of negative press for you, how do you feel about that?

Nigerians especially my fans should understand that someone has to
tell the story. What they watched was not me; I hated that bisexual
character that I played. For instance, I despise cigarette but I was
seen very intimate with Muna who smokes. I’m not gay. That was just a
movie role. Even after the act, I would sometimes step backwards and
exhale all the tension for the ugly role. You can confirm that from the
director. That wasn’t Jibola Dabo. I love women.

The movie only tried to depict that there are such men around us and I
played the role, making it look so real. I was condemned even by
friends for having sex with Tonto Dikeh but it was fake sex and the
director and production crew were present during the scene. That we did
it well meant that we played our roles well. We were just being

You fathered a child with Binta Mogaji, how come you broke up and didn’t marry?

That is life for you. We were lovers and she gave me a lovely child.
We did not plan then to marry each other though. But she has since
married, so let us leave her out of this.

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