Iran Sends Second Monkey Into Space, President Says

One of two official package of photos of Iran’s famed simian space traveler (AP)

Iran said Saturday it has successfully
sent a monkey into space for a second time, part of an ambitious program
aimed at manned space flight.

Iran’s state TV said that the launch of the rocket dubbed Pajohesh,
or Research in Farsi, was Iran’s first use of liquid fuel and reached a
height of 72 miles. It said the monkey, named Fargam or Auspicious, was
returned to earth safely.

The TV showed the rocket blasting off and then showed the monkey,
strapped snugly into a seat, staring at people clapping to celebrate its
safe return. The report said Fargam’s capsule parachuted safely to
earth after detaching from the rocket in a mission that lasted 15

Iran frequently claims technological breakthroughs that are
impossible to independently verify. The Islamic Republic has said it
seeks to send an astronaut into space as part of an ambitious aerospace

“The launch of Pajohesh is another long step getting the Islamic
Republic of Iran closer to sending a man into space,” the official IRNA
news agency said.

State TV said scientists were able to monitor and measure signals
coming from the rocket, including Fargam’s vital signs, during the

Iran said that it sent its first monkey into space in January, reaching the same height of 72 miles.
For Iran, its aerospace program is a source of national pride. It’s
also one of the pillars of Iran’s aspirations to be seen as the
technological hub for Islamic and developing countries.

The U.S. and its allies worry that technology from the space program
could also be used to develop long-range missiles that could potentially
be armed with nuclear warheads.

In the January mission, one of two official packages of photos of the
simian space traveler depicted the wrong monkey, causing some
international observers to wonder whether the monkey had died in space
or that the launch didn’t go well.

But Iranian officials later said one set of pictures showed an
archive photo of one of the alternate monkeys. They said three to five
monkeys are simultaneously tested for such a flight and two or three are
chosen for the launch. Finally, the one that is best suited for the
mission and isn’t stressed is chosen for the voyage.

The Islamic Republic has not revealed where the rocket launch took
place, but it has a major satellite launch complex near Semnan, about
125 miles east of Tehran.

Iran says it wants to put its own satellites into orbit to monitor
natural disasters in the earthquake-prone nation, improve
telecommunications and expand military surveillance of the region.

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Source : foxnews



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