Is Sex safe during pregnancy ? [MUST READ]

A pregnant woman
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In this
interview conducted by PUNCH NG with MOTUNRAYO JOEL, a Sonologist,  Akan Akpome, debunks myths about sex during
The common
symptoms of pregnancy are weakness and vomiting, especially after brushing and
water intake. The woman will also experience slight fever and whiteness of the
palm. The menstrual period will stop as soon as the woman becomes
pregnant.  However, some women don’t
experience any symptom. Some are confused with a few blood stains, in the early
stage of pregnancy, giving the wrong impression that the monthly menstrual flow
is coming. This could go on for three months. It is therefore important for
women to have a scan whenever they notice a strange behaviour in their body
Why do women still experience menstrual flow when they are pregnant?
One of the
causes of this is what is referred to as implementation bleeding. When the baby
gets to the womb, it begins to dig into its surrounding tissue. At that time,
the woman may experience blood spots for a day or two. The second cause is if
the baby implants close to the outlet called the cervix of the womb. When the
baby is digging the surrounding tissue of the womb, there will be bleeding from
the placenta. In such cases, the woman experiences a threatened abortion.
Through a scan, the doctor determines if the baby will survive or not. With
time, the placenta goes up and gets used to holding the baby. There are cases
when the bleeding is heavy but the baby still survives the pregnancy.
The term
for this situation is low-line placenta. Other causes of bleeding are when the
woman has infection in her genital tract. It is called cervicitis. This happens
when there is inflammation of the uterine cervix, especially after she meets
with her spouse. The first symptom of cervical cancer is blood stain. Once the
woman sees blood stains, she should go for a check-up.
This is
possible and it is a common occurrence. When a woman is practicing exclusive
breastfeeding, she won’t see her period for about six months. Some women see
their period within the first three months, but this is on rare occasions.
There is a slim chance of getting pregnant during this period but it’s not
advisable to take advantage of the period without proper care, because anything
can happen. There are cases of women who become pregnant while breastfeeding.
It is very
safe. I asked an elderly woman why women fear breastfeeding when they are
pregnant and she told me that they felt there are secretions that come out
through the nipple which may be poisonous to the child. I believe this is just
a myth. They are traditional thoughts that haven’t been proven. In my opinion,
it is very safe for a pregnant mother to breastfeed her baby. The only side
effect is that she may experience weakness because she will be feeding two
babies at a time. But if the baby is not yet six months, it’s her duty to make
sure the baby gets enough breast milk. However, every mother should practice
child spacing due to the economic situation.
During the
first stage of pregnancy and towards the end, the woman’s physical strength
reduces. As her hormonal status changes, her desire for sex reduces, it is
normal. Some animals don’t have interest for sex during pregnancy. It is normal
for women to feel uncomfortable having sex with a protruding belly. However,
having sexual intercourse with your partner is not wrong, it is allowed. Some
men take it personal when you deny them sex. 
It is also important for men to show understanding during this period.
It doesn’t
have any physiological effect on the baby; but there are cases when the woman bleeds
in her vagina. It is advisable for her to rest the pelvic area. If she has been
diagnosed with placenta praevia, she is advised to stay away from sex. Because
any form of excitement around that area can provoke bleeding. I’ve seen so many
women who were advised not to have sexual intercourse because they had placenta
praevia. Some of these women were rushed to the hospital and they eventually
lost the baby. These are the only cases when a pregnant woman should avoid
sexual intercourse.
In our
environment, we don’t take enough fruits, and these fruits contain vitamins
that are essential for immunity-building. They should also take a lot of green
vegetables. They shouldn’t overcook it. Vegetables contain iron, and the woman
needs extra blood for herself and her baby. Also, she should take protein in
form of meat, egg, milk. A pregnant woman’s diet should have enough protein,
less carbohydrate and fat.
regular foods do not pose any risk to the child. However, there is an erroneous
belief that when an expectant mother drinks beverages, her baby will get big.
This is not true. Women should be calorie-conscious. Also, the woman should
avoid energy drinks. They are harmful to babies. Alcohol is also bad for
pregnant mothers.
problem of gender in our environment is very common. Most women want to have
boys because of traditional belief. But, the chances of a woman having a boy
are not increased by the period she has sex with her parner. However,
medically, a theory says when a woman meets her spouse two hours after she
ovulates, the chances of her having a boy are higher because the sperm carrying
the X gene will swim faster when the woman ovulates. But if she delays, the
chances of her having a girl are high. My opinion is that this works for some
and doesn’t work for others. It is God that decides the sex of a baby.
There are drugs
that women can take before falling pregnant. They are called preconception
drugs. Doctors say when a woman is deficient in folic acid, the chances of the
patient having a baby with abnormality is high. This abnormality includes the
spinal cord or brain not forming well. These drugs can be taken three months
before pregnancy. If there is any deficiency during pregnancy, it is
automatically corrected. However, if a lady eats right, she should be during
Can a
pregnant woman take caffeine?
should be avoided during pregnancy. It does a lot of harm to the baby. Caffeine
has no benefit for pregnant women.
If you
have any question, please leave them as comments below. They will be answered.

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