Man Jumps Into Tiger Enclosure At Chinese Zoo


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A Bengali white tiger has attacked a man in China who jumped into its zoo encloure.
Sky News reports that shocked
witnesses watched the man dragged several metres across the ground after
he climbed into the pen at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan.
Local media said that the man, in his
twenties, had been trying to feed the tigers and was found with a
backpack containing a large quantity of rice.
Another report suggested he was trying
to offer his own body for the animals to eat, in order to improve their
living conditions.
Witnesses said the tigers did not immediately react when the man entered the pen.
He then tried to provoke them by dancing around and shouting.
One tiger was spooked and retreated to
the back wall. Another pounced on him, pulling him briefly along the
floor before releasing him.
Staff then rushed in to control the tigers and accompany the man out of the pen.
Reports say he escaped unharmed.

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4 Comments on "Man Jumps Into Tiger Enclosure At Chinese Zoo"

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May be he want people to see him as the second Daniel who was thrown in lion's dem, with his faith in God he came out without any harm.


May be he want people to him as the second Daniel who was thrown into the lion's dem and he came out completly.


It is nt gud 2 pray wit wild animal especial tiger. I THANK GOD DE MAN ESCAPE UNHARM

chiboy okere

Hahaha it's funny somehow but How could he, let him tank his God dat d tiger did not harm him


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