Meet the 10 Hottest Upcoming Nollywood Actresses

The movie industry in Nigeria, no doubt, is being run and made lively by female actors. Left to the male folks in the industry, there wouldn’t be much to write or say about the Nigerian film industry. Most scandals being reported in the

media on Nollywood, as the industry is also called, mostly centered on actresses.

If it is not about an alleged s3x scandal, it will be about one actress fighting one another over a man or an actress snatching another actress’ or woman’s husband, which is almost becoming the order of the day.

While those who have rocked the industry in the past are getting tired due to old age and request for fresh blood by some rich and money bags, who find pleasure in getting down with actresses, keep increasing, new faces are taking over to fill the vacant spaces left by their ‘seniors’ in the ‘game’.

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Here are the hottest Nollywood actresses ruling the industry at the moment. These 10 up and coming stars have intimidating features that attract them to men. They are young, light in complexion, attractive, pretty, have the necessary body features, but not necessarily talented. They are presented below in no particular order;

Ivie Okujaye

Ivie Okujaye is an actress that is fast gaining prominence in the movie industry in Nigeria. She has intimidating body features that can melt the heart of any man at any given time. Ivy, as some of her pals call her, has been described to be a look alike of top actress, Genevieve Nnaji, which readily qualifies her to be one of the hottest actresses in Nollywood. Genevieve herself cannot be put aside, when the roll call of Nollywood beautiful ladies is called. Ivy is from Delta State and she studied Economics from the University of Abuja. She emerged the winner of AMBO Season Four and was AMAA Awards’ 2012 Best Promising Actress winner.

Halima Abubakar

To put up a list like this without mentioning the name of Halima Abubakar is like trying to go to Australia from Nigeria by foot, as D’Banj used to say back then, ‘you are still sitting down on a long thing’. Halima is undoubtedly one of the hottest Nollywood up and coming stars. Do you want to talk about her ‘attackers’ or her ‘defenders’? She is blessed on both sides and areas, even if her height almost cheated her. Halima is respected amongst the budding actresses in the industry, though she is not fair in complexion, her ‘Bakassi Peninsula can be tagged as one of her greatest ‘weapons of mass destruction’, which is enough for a hot lady like her. The actress rides posh cars and lives in a highbrow area, and these are two of the attributes of a Nollywood big babe.

Collette Orji

Many have termed this actress as one of the
hottest and intimidating movie stars, not only because of her beauty,
but for the ‘damage’ her cleavages can do to a man who stares at them
for more than 60 seconds. Collette is an actress that is very classy and
hot, little wonder she is in the fashion business with her fashion
store located in the rich city of Abuja, the nation’s capital. Coco, as
she is fondly called by her friends, has the features most men would
pray and fast for their babes to have. No wonder, they also call her
Klasica. She is popular in acting epic movies, where most producers love
to see her tie the traditional wrappers in the chest, you bet they love
to see her beautiful and succulent skin, this alone satisfies movie
producers. Don’t say you got this hint from me anyway.

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Damilola Adegbite

 Another hottest up and coming
actress in Nollywood is Damilola Adegbite. To say this charming queen is
not a threat, in terms of beauty, to some A-list actresses is to state
an obvious lie, which might require forcing the Devil to accept Jesus
Christ to appease the god of beauty. The actress commands the sexiness
that is nerve-racking, which can make an external force act on the

Mimi Ojiekwe

Mimi Ojiekwe is a hot rising star that is
surely blessed with ‘Aki and Pawpaw’ that can easily do a ‘factory
reset’ to a man’s brain. Her ‘twin towers’ are better imagined ‘wrapped’
than ‘unwrapped’, if you know what it means. This is because if the
latter is done, then one might land in Yaba-left. The smooth and soft
‘oranges’ are enough to cause a Third World War. Though engaged to a
fellow actor, the actress has not failed to remain hot and is still one
of the biggest Nollywood babes. Mimi even had to travel to Tanzania in
July this year to celebrate her birthday, where she was engaged by her
boyfriend, Charles Billion.

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Biodun Okeowo

Though Biodun Okeowo is blessed with two
kids, who we learnt are now in secondary schools, this fair complexioned
Yoruba actress remains one of the hottest up and coming stars in the
movie industry in Nigeria, no wonder many men still don’t want to leave
her alone, not minding that she is a mother. Biodun, also fondly called
‘Omo Butty’, is blessed with what a lady should be endowed with. Talk
about beauty, she has it. Talk about the curves, then you are finished.

Titi Osinowo

Another budding star that is one of the
hottest Nollywood actresses is Titi Osinowo. This Ogun State-born screen
queen is pretty and well endowed and has a body curve, which can turn
the head of a man. Her ‘Manchester United’, accompanied by her ‘Chelsea’
behind, are the needed ‘Arsenal’ to wreck havoc. Titi, as we gathered,
is described as a hot chic by some people in the industry. She is said
to live in a choice area in Ajah, Lagos, having left her former
Surulere, Lagos base.

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Nkem Ikeh

Nkem Ikeh is a fast rising movie star that might
take over the movie industry by storm. She’s got the looks, beauty,
skin and the other features that qualify her in the position. While
still coming up, some men have already been on the lookout for her. Only
recently was it reported that she is in a sizzling romance with a Super
Eagles striker, Nnamdi Oduamadi. Now you know why Oduamadi missed some
vital chances in Ethiopia last month in a World Cup qualifying match.
Nkem is endowed and she also carries herself in a way that befits a true
Nollywood star to be. Both her front and back arsenals are attractive.

Tola Ayeni

Adetola Ayeni, well known as Tola Ayeni in the
Yoruba movie industry, is another hot and classy chic, who is respected
for her class. Apart from being an actress, Tola is also a movie
producer. Those who know her very well say she is one of the hottest up
and coming actresses living in highbrow Magodo area of Lagos, which is
regarded to be an exclusive area for the rich in the society. Some said
the tattoo on one of her boobs is not only sexy, but complements the
shape of her succulent ‘Aki and Pawpaw’. Tola is also said to have a
smooth skin, which she maintains like an egg.

 Chelsea Eze

Chelsea Eze, born Chelsea Ada Ezerioha is
undoubtedly pretty and hot. Compiling this list without her inclusion
can be suicidal. Though not prominent again like before, when she was
still trying to force her face on the people, she still commands a place
in top hottest up and coming actresses in Nollywood. Chelsea is a
graduate of English from the University of Maiduguri, Borno State. She
is not only an actress, but is also a model, and she has acted in
several movies.

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