Meet The 3-year-old Who becomes Honorary Firefighter For a Day

Tyren Johnson is a pint-sized heart transplant survivor, and he had his special dream of becoming a fireman granted on Tuesday.

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“Fire truck sirens go off as a special fireman reaches Engine 54 in
Detroit. Out of the truck comes 3-year-old Tyren who, thanks to the
Michigan Make A Wish Foundation, was a fireman for the day.”

Tyren’s mom, Tiesha Johnson, said he loves firetrucks and has always wanted to be a firefighter.

“Sprayed the hose, toured the fire house, had lunch with the firefighters.”

Tyren was rockin’ his custom-made fireman suit with his name on the back
while he was told he was an official Detroit firefighter for the day.

Johnson told WJBK that Tyren was only on the heart transplant list for two days before receiving it, and miracles can truly happen.

“Anything is possible. Cause he almost didn’t make it.”

“All of this was made possible by the Make A Wish Foundation in Michigan, along with, of course, the Detroit Fire Department.”

Tuesday was also the World Wish Day. The anniversary of the first Make A Wish request in the spring of 1980. The foundation now grants approximately one wish every 38 minutes.

Well, Tyren definitely seemed to be having a good time. The little cutie is said to be recovering very well from the transplant.

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Tyren was greeted by dozens of people, and he had a very exciting day ahead of him.

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Nice news for once. 3 is about the average psychological age for a firefighter!

Munachi I

Tyren, you are sooooooooooo cute! I wish you the best of everything and a long and healthy life

Victor Ndah

this is cute


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