Meet The First UK PS4 owner!


And here’s Imran posing with Sony CEO Andrew House and
performer Tinie Tempah.

Imran, on being the first UK PS4 owner!

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Sony is relying on
the PlayStation 4 to increase sales, as it cut
its annual profit forecasts by 40 per cent.
released its results for the latest financial quarter, Sony made a loss of
$8 million in the three month period ending September 30.
This is largely due
to struggles in the hardware industry, although the price cut for the Vita is
also being blamed.
Sony seems
optimistic, and has increased projections for the console.
They said the PS4
will “contribute to profitability from an early stage by diversifying its
revenue streams through various network services centred on the PSN and by
offering rich user experiences.”

PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara said that today’s launch could break a
new UK record for sony.
He said: “With PS4,
stock allocation in the UK is very healthy indeed and we go into this ready and
willing and break our own previous launch record.” 
Currently, PSP is
Sony’s fastest-selling console launch in the UK, with 185,000 consoles sold in
four days.
However, Gara added
that Sony isn’t bothered about competing with rivals Microsoft and Nintendo.
“Beating the
competition is not the most important thing here,” he stressed.
“There is
definitely an ambition to reduce that gap, but first and foremost the ambition
is to be the gamers’ choice, and I think one leads to the other. 
“I think we’re
doing a great job for the gamer, the market share will follow.
“So we will
certainly compete better this time, we’ve certainly got a better shout with a
really great machine at such a great price. 
“We’ve entered
the cycle on time at the target price, with a great feel-good factor among
He concluded,
“Satisfying the gamer is the most important thing, satisfying our shareholders
is maybe the second. 
“But if we’re
doing both of those things it is likely we’ll be the lead console.”

Tinie Tempah performed at the Covent Garden launch party last night for
eager PS4 fans.
He said before his
performance: “I have always been a big gaming fan and it’s such an honour
to be involved.”
The chief executive
of Sony, Andrew House, speaking before he handed the first console to the first
UK customer, said: “It’s just absolutely energising to be here today.
“To speak to some
of the guys lining up outside, just sensing their enthusiasm and excitement for
a new platform, is really what it’s all about.
“It’s why we
come to work every day.
“I got to
shake some hands, and take some photos with fans, which is fantastic, and it’s
not exactly warm out there. 
“We absolutely
appreciate the support.”

Despite his confidence, Gara said Sony had reserved some PS4 stock to
replace any broken units.
“One thing
we’ve done within our stock allocation is make sure we’ve got a pool of stock
to deal with any ‘dead on arrival’ issues,” he said.
“It’s not a
vast volume, because there’s no evidence to suggest we need a vast volume to
deal with that. 
“But our
consumer services helpline is there to support gamers and solve any problems
that do emerge.”
Gara said both Sony
and game publishers have benefited from two weeks to do “lots of fine
“[There has
been] no major panic or changes required, but little bits of fine-tuning, not
just on our side but also on the publishers’ side,” he said.
“So, some
small little glitches on some games that can be ironed out, patched and tweaked
before it comes into Europe.
“It’s a
privilege to go first, but there’s actually quite a few advantages of going
“With the two
week window, had there been anything serious, I’m not sure we would have fixed
all of it in two weeks anyway. 
“So the great
news is there isn’t anything serious.”

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