Meet Rare Identical Triplets Born [See Picture]


New mother’s often feel overwhelmed when they bring a new baby home for the
first time, but multiply that by three.

“Of course I feel very happy, but at the same time I am scared. I have never
even had one kid before,” Allison Rhoa said of her nearly 3-week-old identical
triplet daughters. “It’s (taking care of them) basically non-stop. You know, by
the time I am done feeding the third baby, 15 minutes later it’s times to feed
the first one.”

Naturally born triplets happen only in about 1 in 100,000 births, a number
so small that it not only shocked Allison and Wesley Rhoa at their first ultra
sound, but also the doctors and technicians who gave them the news.

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“I went into my first ultra sounds and I just expected to see one. Then the
technician said to my husband that he better sit down,” Rhoa said. “I was just
in total shock I just kept smiling and my husband just looked worried. I think
the technician was more excited than we were (at the time), just because it is
so rare.”

HT Triplets one mar 140225 16x9 608 Rare Identical Triplets Have Mom Thrilled and Nervous

The triplets — Ava Grace, Avery Hope and Alyssa Faith — were born on Feb. 5
at Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington, Pa.,  just 33 weeks into Rhoa’s
pregnancy. Although they can breathe on their own, they require a feeding tube.

Dr. Frank Craparo, the Chief Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Abington
Memorial Hospital, is one of the doctors taking care of Rhoa.

“We have had at least two sets (of identical triplets) that come to mind
over a 20 year period,” Craparo told ABC News. “Most triplets that happen
[these] days are because of fertility treatments, but they did this all on
their own.”

Rhoa says she is worried about the triplets coming home and affording their
many needs.
“I did work until the day before I had them. As of right now, I don’t know,
I can’t really afford to stay home, so that is something I am really struggling
with right now,” Rhoa said.

The triplets are thriving and doctors say little Ava may be able to come
home next week. Her two sisters will be able to leave the hospital the
following week.

“When they come home I am going have to figure out how to feed two at a
time, or else I won’t be able to sleep,” Rhoa said.

 HT Triplets two mar 140225 16x9 608 Rare Identical Triplets Have Mom Thrilled and Nervous
Read more: abcnews

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Woow! This is goodnews indeed. Do not panic they will taken care of. 081382397


Woow! This goodnews indeed…you will surely take care of them . 081382397


Goodnews 081382397


Goodnews… will take care of them 081382397

chiboy okere

Wow triplet it's So rare in dis our world I ve hardly heard that , though tanks be to jah for dat but it seems the mum is worried on How to feed the triplet let her learn from her own mum so that it won't be a problem to her n also she contemplated on the working issue, let her not bother her self about that cox her husband is arround n he should be d one bothering himself n not her, it's time for her to enjoy the fruit if her labour


what a pity ! they are all unforeseen occurrence, no matter the kind of children you get they are all gift from God and they should be treated with love and care.

Thanks for the update..

chiboy okere

Nice one, they be treated with care

chiboy okere

N also the mother should understand that it's God's gift to her


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