More People ‘Recover’ From Ebola in DR Congo

The Good news reaching us indicates that twenty seven  people have recovered from the Ebola haemorrhagic fever in DR Congo.

Ministry of Health sources in Kinshasa said the cases were recorded in Djera, in the north-western Equator Province.

Health minister Félix Kabange Numbi’s adviser Roland Shodu Lomami
said Tuesday: “I confirm that 27 patients out of 68 who benefited from
our services have recovered from Ebola. The government did its best to
fight the disease.”

The latest Ebola deaths toll in DRC stands at 41, among them eight health practitioners.
The village of Djera, Boende District, where the haemorrhagic fever
broke out last August, is an isolated area in a big forest, far from Mbandaka, the provincial capital.

According to the medical sources, the virus strain in DRC was quite
different from the one which has killed more than 2,500 in West Africa.

The current epidemic is the seventh to have broken out in DRC and
possibly explains why the health practitioners might have found it easier to contain.

A quarantine zone was immediately established in a 100-km radius
around Boende District, where the cases were reported, to prevent the
virus from spreading farther.

However, Dr Lomami regretted the lack of attention from the international community on the Ebola outbreak in DRC.

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The God for them, he is really great


Our God is great He wil deliever us frm Dis deathly disease "Ebola"


thank God because you never fail


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