Mouth dryness may indicate thyroid cancer

According to Dr Abiodun Olusesi, a Senior Consultant Surgeon
on Ear, Nose and Throat, he said “Dryness in the mouth may be an
indicator of throat or thyroid cancerˮ.
Dr  Olusesi, who is said
that throat cancer could develop anywhere along the pharynx. “It can go to the
top of the windpipe or trachea and the esophagus, the tube that connects the
mouth to the stomach.
He also identified cancer of the throat to include such that
forms in the tissues of the oral cavity and in the oropharynx. These are formed
at the beginning of the throat at the back of the mouth.
“The thyroid is an endocrine gland that produces hormones
and these

hormones are necessary for very important activities in the body; for
example, activities that keep us awake, activities that keep the heart pumping,
activities that energises us.

The thyroid gland is that endocrine organ that is known to
secrete the thyroid hormone .’’ Dr Olusesi stated that the problem that would
be affecting the thyroid could either affect the right or the left lobe, adding
that often, some of the problems could present with or without swelling.
“In other words, it is possible to have inflammation
involving the thyroid without any visible neck swelling and it is also possible
to have inflammation involved with the thyroid with obvious anterior neck swelling.
According to him, there are so many things that can trigger
a normal cell to become cancerous. “A large number of them are believed to
actually be inheritable problems. He further explains, somebody has a tendency
for a particular gene to develop a particular condition. “The gene
predisposition remains latent for a long time until such a time when suddenly
there is a trigger and that trigger sets in motion the process that is now
going to move a well `behaved cell’ to become cancerous’’.
The surgeon explained that occasionally, the problem is in a
toxin that the individual  was exposed
to. For example, some of the throat cancers like cancer of the voice box or
cancer of the larynx or cancer of the tonsils are related to smoking and
“Smoking on its own is an irritant while alcohol too is an
irritant to the mucosa lining of the throat where the cells are.“And if you
combine the effects of the smoking and alcohol, you synergise the effect and
the risk becomes multiple.

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