Muslim Clerics Recuiting Boko Haram Members Outside Nigeria


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Nigerian Muslim clerics living in the border towns of Cameroon and
Nigeria are recruiting Boko Haram members in their mosques, the
government of Cameroon has alleged. Worse still, government officials in
the North East states of Yobe, Borno and Adamawa collaborate with the
terrorists and take bribes from them, thereby, hindering the fight
against the terrorists. Governors of these states also capitalise on
their civilian fears to berate the army and the federal government.

These allegations were published in a report, yesterday, by US-based online military news agency, StrategyPage.
The magazine explains that the army wants governors in the affected
states removed because “many officials in those states are cooperating
with Boko Haram (to avoid attack) and are taking bribes from the Islamic

“Some of these officials are covering themselves in
case Boko Haram should gain power and the governors are often just
responding to civilian fears of army misconduct,” it noted.
magazine said: “Cameroon is also concerned about pro-Boko Haram clerics
from Nigeria quietly preaching and recruiting for Boko Haram in Cameroon

“Islamic conservative clergy are not unusual on either
side of the border, but those who do not denounce Boko Haram are
suspected of quietly recruiting young men to join the “jihad” (struggle)
and fight (and often die) in Nigeria. These preachers have to recruit
quietly because otherwise police in Cameroon will arrest and deport
them, sometimes after a vigorous interrogation. Evidence of this
recruiting is showing up when some of the recruits return from Nigeria
with tales of disillusionment and adversity while with Boko Haram,” the
report said.

The magazine said that the Cameroonian government is
“being criticized because recent claims of large (over 5,000 weapons)
arms seizures near the Nigerian border could not be verified by
reporters. Civilians living in villages near where the government said
the seizures took place said they saw nothing. The government responded
that the smugglers operated in remote areas and avoided civilians as
well as security forces. There are also concerns that even if weapons
were seized they would, as often happens, be sold back to black market
arms dealers so that government officials could keep the cash.”

the military, the report said: “Residents of those three states have
justifiable complaints about the army, in particular the casual attitude
of the military towards the safety of civilians and their property.
army is also unreliable when it comes to sharing information on
casualties. Thus Boko Haram related deaths so far this year are believed
to be (based on local reports) at least 1,500, which is 50 per cent
more than what the army reports. Boko Haram related deaths from 2010 to
2013 were about 3,600, so the violence is not declining.

government has been saying, for several years, that Boko Haram would be
crushed within a year and never happens. More insightful observers point
out that the problem is mainly one of corruption and poverty, as well
as the appeal of Islamic radicalism as a magical cure. All of Nigeria
suffers from corruption.

“Poverty is more prevalent in the Muslim
north, in part because of climate. That’s because the semi-desert Sahel
region south of the Sahara Desert is found in the north. Another problem
is the more conservative nature of Islamic populations and the lower
education levels.”

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