My neighbour had my baby for me [MUST READ]


Armitage with Amelie who is seven months old

According to Dailymail,
Mrs Armitage, 33, had
been diagnosed with cervical cancer and radiotherapy was going to destroy her
dream of motherhood.

Her only hope of having a child was
to undergo a course of
IVF with husband Richard, 31, before the treatment and
then find a surrogate to carry the embryo.
Mrs Wells, a mother of three,
happily stepped in and now the Armitages have been blessed with what they call
their ‘miracle baby’, seven-month-old Amelie Mireya.
Mrs Armitage said: ‘The first thing
I said to the consultant when he told me I had cancer was chop my arm off but
don’t tell me I can’t have children. It was the only thing that was important
to me.
‘Then within a week of being told I
would never have children I had found my surrogate. Amelie is a dream baby in
more ways than one and is all I focused on throughout my radiotherapy.’
The Armitages, who have been
together for three years, had just started trying for a baby in 2011 when Naomi
went for a routine smear test.
A week later she was told there were
some abnormal cells and the following month she was diagnosed with cervical
With a great deal of support from
Nuffield Health, a health service where Mrs Armitage worked as a learning and
development manager, she had the tumour and surrounding lymph nodes removed.
But she was told days later that
there was a lymph node that had slightly enlarged and she would have to undergo
chemotherapy and radiotherapy – which would prevent her from having a baby.
The couple, from Leicester, were
told they could not delay the radiotherapy and try to have a baby first and
that their only option was to have one round of IVF before the treatment
started and find a surrogate mother.
Mrs Armitage added: ‘My friends told
me to focus on the treatment and getting better but all that was important to
me was having a baby.
‘It was frustrating because at that
point I had all the right bits to have a baby but every time I went for
radiotherapy it felt like it was another step in ruining the chances of me
having children.
‘I spent the weekend trying to find
out about surrogacy but I couldn’t find any help and started to think it was
more and more uncommon.’
On the Monday she was stood on her
doorstep waiting for a friend to arrive when she started chatting to Mrs Wells,
her neighbour of four years.

mother Hayley Wells with husband Brett. Hayley offered to help her neighbour
after hearing her plight when chatting on the doorstep
She was outside with her youngest
child who was being naughty and jokingly asked Mrs Armitage ‘do you want her?’
Mrs Armitage said: ‘Because of the circumstances I welled up. I said I would
have her. I ended up telling her the news and she said of course I will be your
‘I didn’t expect her to actually do
it for us. We didn’t know each other too well, we hadn’t even been in each
other’s houses.’
Amelie was born five weeks
prematurely on January 5 this year after Mrs Wells was implanted with one of
the embryos created by the IVF. 
She was given the middle name Mireya
– a Spanish name meaning ‘miracle’. Mrs Armitage is now clear of cancer and the
couple are legal parents to Amelie, as well as genetic parents. The couple have
12 embryos still frozen so have not ruled out having another baby.
Mrs Armitage added: ‘For now, just
Amelie is perfect, she’s beautiful. It just shows that if you put your mind to
it, anything is possible.
‘We were very lucky, Hayley gave us
an incredible gift and we will be thanking her for the rest of our lives.’
What a hope ! Everybody needs good
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