NASA Uncover 4 Earth Like Planets That Can Support Life

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced
the discovery of 715 new planets, increasing our knowledge of heavenly bodies
by almost 70%.
Before this mankind’s database had only known about 1000
planets, and in the newly discovered planet, there is about four planets
located in where NASA believes can support life.

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The new discoveries where made possible by a new telescope called kepler space
telescope and were verified using a new technique that scientists expect to
make new planetary discoveries more frequent and more detailed.

Planetary scientist at NASA, Jack Lissauer said: We’ve been able to open the
bottleneck to access the mother lode and deliver to you more than 20 times as
many planets as has ever been found and announced at once,”.

The Kepler space observatory was launched into space in 2009 and is able to
locate what NASA defines as habitable zone. Habitable zones are zones that are
the right distance from a star for a moderate temperature that might sustain
liquid water.

NASA’s astrophysics Douglas Hudgins said: “Kepler
has really been a game-changer for our understanding of the incredible
diversity of planets and planetary systems in our galaxy, The new technique is
called “verification by multiplicity,” and relies in part on the
logic of probability. Instead of searching blindly, the team focused on stars
that the technique suggests are likely to have more than one planet in their

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NASA says 95% of the planets discovered by Kepler are smaller than Neptune,
which is four times as big as Earth. One of them is about twice the size of
Earth and orbits a star half the size of Earth’s sun in a 30-day cycle. The
other three planets in habitable zones also are all roughly twice the size of

Source: CNN
Source: Metro

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chiboy okere

Wow thaats kul but do they .Know that all this things reveals God's glory n his holiness?


Good to hear this.

Victor Ndah

wow this is beautiful


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