NCI report admits millions have been falsely treated for ‘cancer’

A significant number of people
who have undergone treatment for cancer over the past several decades may not
have ever actually had the disease, admits a new report commissioned by the

U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI). Published online in the Journal
of the American Medical Association
(JAMA), this government study
identifies both overdiagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer as two major causes of
this growing epidemic, which together have led to the needless treatment of
millions of otherwise healthy individuals with chemotherapy, radiation or

The report drops a few major bombshells on the way that many cancers are
diagnosed. Breast cancer, for instance, is sometimes not breast cancer at all
but rather a benign condition such as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). However,
untold millions of women with DCIS have been misdiagnosed as having breast
cancer, and subsequently treated for a condition that likely never would have
caused them any health problems. And similarly in men, high-grade prostatic
intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN), a type of premalignant precursor to cancer,
is commonly mistreated as if it was actual cancer.

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“The practice of oncology in the United States is in need of a host of
reforms and initiatives to mitigate the problem of overdiagnosis and
overtreatment of cancer, according to a working group sanctioned by the
National Cancer Institute,” explains about the study.
“Perhaps most dramatically, the group says that a number of premalignant
conditions, including ductal carcinoma in situ and high-grade prostatic
intraepithelial neoplasia, should no longer be called ‘cancer.'”

Conventional cancer
treatments once again shown to be a leading cause of cancer
These are shocking admissions,
considering that NCI is a government-funded agency that tends to favor the
conventional cancer diagnosis and treatment model, even when it is shown to be
a failure. But even worse is the inference that untold millions of healthy
people have been treated with poison and radiation for conditions they never
even had, which likely caused many of them to develop real cancer
and even die as a result.

As it turns out, the entire concept of “early diagnosis” itself is
fundamentally flawed, since many of the methods used to diagnose fail to
differentiate between benign and malignant cancer cells. This means that many
people who are falsely diagnosed with cancer will end up developing cancer as a
result of getting treatment for cancers they never had, a phenomenon that proves
the absurdity of the entire model.

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“[E]ven in the case of finding the tumor early enough to contain it
through surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, it is well-known that the
minority subpopulation of cancer stem cells within these tumors will be enriched
and therefore made more malignant through conventional treatment,”
explains Sayer Ji for

“For instance, radiotherapy radiation wavelengths were only recently found
by UCLA Jonnsson Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers to transform breast
cancer cells into highly malignant cancer stem-cell like cells, with 30
times high malignancy post-treatment

Cancer is really the
body’s attempt to survive, not an outside ‘attack’
In Ji’s
view, the underlying issue is that the conventional cancer model erroneously
views cancer as some kind of outside attack on the body that must be
aggressively fought with rigorous treatment, rather than the survival mechanism
that it actually is. When the body is perpetually deficient in nutrients, for
instance, or when it becomes overburdened by radiation, carcinogens and other
toxins from the environment and food, cancer can develop as a response to this
harmful onslaught.

“Our entire world view of cancer needs to shift from an enemy that
‘attacks’ us and that we must wage war against, to something our body does,
presumably to survive an increasingly inhospitable, nutrient-deprived,
carcinogen- and radiation-saturated environment,” adds Ji.

Sources for this article include:

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