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It is no
longer news for you to hear of a country elect a female president. Just Last
week, Africa got its third female president when Catherine Samba-Panza was
named the new interim President of the Central African Republic. Over the last
few years, Africa has seen Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia, and Joyce Banda of
Malawi, elected as their countries’ presidents. And, of course, the African
Union Chairperson is a woman, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. She has been touted as
an effective leader of that body that works hard to secure unity among African
women leaders have been doing what people call a tremendously good job in
uniting their people and taking hard lines against corruption and indolence in
their respective countries. In October last year, Joyce Banda fired her entire
cabinet because of corruption, and drew praise in Malawi and around the world.
Samba-Panza is reputed as a uniter–one who has the goodwill of both friends
and foes. The anti-Balaka are said to listen to her as do the Seleka rebels.
Her fellow citizens do as well.
Within a
few days of her taking over as interim president, there are visible signs of
good things in her country. At least, unity and peace are said to be possible
Our Question is:
how well these women African leaders are doing, should we all just opt for
women presidents and prime ministers throughout the continent?
your mind
Leave you
comment in the comment box below or visit our Facebook Page [or search for] to
join the conversation.

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These female leaders are doing well ! I think YES

Benjamin Chidi
Benjamin Chidi

No.. they are pretending… after few years in office. they will start embezzling fauds or even do worst.


NO $-)


Lets try them.. :d


It all depends on d individual, both males and females should be giving equal chances


It all depends on d individual


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