‘She’s promiscuous, possesed, I caught her with a pastor’

An Oke-Are Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo state has dissolved a 16-year-old marriage between Shitu Rahaman and Toyin over the latter’s alleged infidelity and possession of demonic powers.
The judge, Mr Fatai Akere, held that the court could do nothing since Shitu insisted on a divorce.
“We have done all we could to settle the matter amicably in and out of court, but Shitu remained adamant on calling it quit with Toyin.
“In the interest of peace and orderliness, your marriage has seized to be henceforth and Shitu shall take custody ofthe three children,” the judge said.
Shitu had earlier told the court that Toyin was involved in extra-marital affairs and that she possessed some demonic powers with which she had afflicted him.
“Toyin’s mother is a witch and she has initiated her daughter who has stalled my progress with her evil power.
“My mother-in-law sold me a parcel of landon which we built a house.”
“since we completed the building and moved in, I have been encountering one problem and the other.
“All the spiritualists I visited told me my mother-in-law and my wife are directly responsible for my woes,’’ Shitu said.
According to him, Toyin is deeply involved in extra-marital affairs and one of her numerous concubines is pastorKehinde whom I have once caught her with.
“I have moved out of our home because I was informed that ifI sleep in that house any further, she would paralyse me throuigh her demonic power.”
Toyin had in her defence denied the allegations.
“Shitu had always accused me of been involved in extra-marital affairs.
“He once gave me a cutlass to swear and bragged that within seven days, I would see the consequence.
“I swore but nothing happened to me, but it was he who got involved in an accident the following week.
“The pastor Kehinde he mentioned was one of the tenants living in my mother’s house and I have , nothing to do with him.
“To make matters worse he went to beat up my mother for no just cause,” Toyin stated.

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