Should This Man Get 40 Lashes for Sharing ‘rape’ video ?


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Sudanese man who filmed others having sex with a pregnant Ethiopian teenager
has been sentenced to 40 lashes, a lawyer said.
A court
in the conservative nation’s capital Khartoum found the man guilty of sharing
indecent material.
was also fined 10 000 pounds and if he doesn’t pay he will be jailed for six
months,” the lawyer said, adding two other men were acquitted.
woman, who activists say was gang-raped, received a one-month jail term for
“indecent activity”, said one of her lawyers, Samia al-Hashmi.
the sentence was suspended because she is pregnant,” Hashmi told AFP news
agency. She was also fined $625.
said three men who admitted to having sex with the woman were sentenced to 100
video, which created a rare case of internet controversy was published on
social media. It showed sex acts and some of the men laughing.
the popularity of mobile messaging service WhatsApp in Sudan, this was a rare
case of such a crime being publicly flaunted in the conservative nation, where women
risk flogging for leaving their hair uncovered under morality laws which took
effect after the 1989 Islamist-backed coup by President Omar al-Bashir.
Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA Network), a regional
association of women’s groups, said the 18-year-old pregnant woman was lured to
an empty property and attacked while house-hunting last year.
were made after publication of the video in January, SIHA Network said on its
Elkarib, the group’s regional director, said the verdict reflects the
substantial challenges victims of sexual violence face in pursuing justice.
will also serve to prevent future victims from speaking out and seeking
assistance and entrenches a culture of impunity for perpetrators,” Elkarib

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