Examination malpractice is a
process whereby student involve themselves in some illegal activities such as cheating
(it includes the use of little piece of papers even big ones, textbooks, electronic
devices) and stealing from other student`s work during examination.

Students of tertiary
institutions are highly

admired and respected for their role and activities in
the socio-economic and political transformation and designation of any society.
But, apart from being the centre of academic excellence in the acquisition of relevant
skills, they champion and highlight the affairs of the oppressed people in the
society and are equally ready in introducing socio-political reforms and
academic excellence anytime and anywhere in the society.

Looking at student`s activities
in our various campuses these days are nothing to write home about. The life
style of our students in our various campuses launches a complete negative
The major events that they normally
involve themselves in the campus are beauty contests, fashion parades, disco
competitions and all acts of immoral activities. The most annoying part of it
is that they reluctantly have time for their books and studies.
Irrefutably, student should have
time for themselves and for socialization and recreational activities in the
academic environment, but they should have more time for their books and
studies. After all, “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy ˮ. But their
over indulgence in destructive activities and the way in which it is
proliferated in our various campuses nowadays has become a matter of serious
concern for some well concerned individuals like me. That is why you see some
of these students cheating, jumping from one seat to another looking for whom
to copy from and thereby involving themselves in all manner of examination
malpractices during examination.
What can we do to ameliorate
the rate of examination malpractises in our various institutions today?
It is an understandable fact
that students of high institution should involve themselves in some activities
that promotes the standard and level of academic competence in the campuses
rather than engaging in activities that will transform them from the centre’s
of academic excellence to centre’s for secret cult activities, fashion parade
and high level of immorality in the campuses.
In conclusion, I confidently
believe that no height is too high to attain in life, with effort and determination,
you will certainly make a difference in your life pursuit.
 Don`t wait till tomorrow, the journey begins
nows !!! ……
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