The Side Effects Of Overthinking

In virtually all things we humans engage in, exercising moderation is always advised.

subjecting our brain to rigorous mental exercise or strain may become
counter-productive to our well being. This article looks at reasons why
excessive thinking doesn’t do you much good.


too much means you expend much time, and when you expend much time, you
do little or nothing, and when you do nothing, you end up frustrated.
Excessive thinking is a lengthy activity that threatens your


So many things in life could
really make one extremely depressed, from break ups that that threatens
to send you to an eternal coma or joblessness that transforms you to a
committed prayer warrior, among others. And just so you know, depression
leads to behaviours that accelerate the aging process; for instance,
depressed people are less likely to eat well, sleep well, or engage in
other actions that will improve their health.


your brain do an overtime on an issue or task that really don’t require
overthinking it will only leave things a bit more complicated than they
actually should be. Still and all, moderate thinking would still give
you a simple yet accurate solution rather than trying to be an
extra-terrestial genius.


Incredibly, as small
as our brain is, the numerous actions it performs is enough for it to
demand a leave, a vacation or embark on an industrial strike when
selfishly, or not properly paid its due rest. In other words, thinking
too much will increase the mental
activity of the brain that leaves it strenuously strained.

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– by Kalejaye Abayomi

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