Anaemia is a disease of the blood. The blood of an anaemic
person contains an insufficient number of healthy red cells. The red cells
contain a protein called haemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the tissues of
the body. A shortage of red cells and haemoglobin reduces the power of the
blood to carry oxygen, and the patient feels weak and tired. If the anaemia is
severe, the volume of blood falls; and the heart works faster in order to pump
enough blood. In such cases, death often occurs from heart failure.
One known cause of anaemia is the loss of red cells in large
number, which can result from severe bleeding, from ulcers and the sucking of
blood from the walls of the intestines by hookworms. Another cause is the
destruction of red cells by infections. If the harmful substances which are
formed when the red cells are destroyed enter the bloodstream, the patient also
suffers from jaundice.

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Normally, red cells circulate in the bloodstream for about
120 days, and are then broken down in the liver and spleen. New red cells made
in the bone marrow replace dead cells, but sometimes the bone marrow is slow in
making new red cells or it may produce unhealthy red cells.
The failure of the bone marrow to replace a sufficient number
of the dead red cells can cause anaemia. Also poor diet, especially one which
does not contain enough iron, and some diseases of the digestive system can
cause anaemia. Iron is necessary in the diet because haemoglobin cannot be made
without it.
Do you know other causes of anaemia? feel free to share these
causes in the comment box below.

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