We’re ready to sack PDP – Buhari

 We’re ready to  sack PDP – Buhari

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Former Head of State and leader of All Progressives Congress (APC),
General Muhammadu Buhari, said yesterday that only a merger of parties
can sack the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
He said no single party can defeat PDP in a poll, noting that the APC has what it takes now to take over Aso Rock next year.

Speaking in a programme on Kaduna-based private radio station, Liberty Radio,
as Guest of the Week, Buhari recalled that the merger effort did not
yield result in 2010 because of lack of time to meet the Electoral Act
deadline, hence PDP carried the day in 2011 general elections.
He said this time around, the APC would sack the PDP, urging
Nigerians to register for APC to enable them vote for the party in the
forthcoming elections.

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He said: “The process leading to APC started in 2005 when we realized
that no single party can face the PDP and survive because of the way
things were going. So, we decided to come together from across the
country to form a strong party to face the PDP.

“If you recall in 2010, we had two committees in ACN and CPC and we
shared experiences. We had the name, the logo; we started drafting the
constitution and manifesto, and conditions that must be fulfilled
according to the Electoral Act before a party is registered.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it before the expiration of 90 days
before elections and so, the merger could not take place in 2010.
“This time around, we started early enough. We had conventions,
submitted our registration certificates, applied and got the
registration. We have interim structures on ground which we have been
putting in place for several weeks now. The next stage for us is
registration of members and the next thing will be to hold a convention.
It is something that was well thought out over the years.
“We have been convinced that since 1991 when the Soviet Union
collapsed without a shot being fired, that multi-party democratic system
is superior. But there is an important barrier. Elections must be free
and fair. We have been in court three times in 2003, 2007 and 2011 not
because we were convinced that we were going to win. We went because we
want to make sure that this multi-party democracy takes firm grip on
Nigerians. If we can come and go, the system will be strong enough to
guarantee security for this country and guarantee prosperity for this
country. This is our objective.
“Like I have said, we have to properly secure and manage this
country. You cannot deny citizens their rights to express their own
opinion or you allow some people to brazenly threaten the corporate
existence of the country and instead of inviting them and asking them to
explain themselves to the nation, they are given a ride in presidential
jets. When others do it, you go and lock them up or you harass them.
That is not the way to do things.

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“For example, when the seven governors decided to break out from the
PDP and we went and visited them; five of the governors took the risk.
One of the governors still have problem with the police, his children
were arrested, the bank officials that transacted business with his
children were locked up. Those are children of governors. You can
imagine what will then happen to children of ordinary Nigerians. There
is this problem of insecurity in the land, both physical and material
which the All Progressives Congress is about to weed out, God willing
“All we are fighting for is to have proper democracy. What I mean is
that whatever people say, whether they reflect briefly on it or not,
Nigerians are now well aware of their rights and what they expect from
government. In APC, we have reduced it to two, your security and
management. We have to secure this country and manage it properly. I
think people have suffered enough, they are now prepared to listen and I
believe they are listening and are cooperating.

“I want to use this opportunity to call on Nigerians to come out and
register with the All Progressives Congress during the registration
exercise scheduled for between February 5 and 10, 2014 as explained by
the committee that is supposed to go round to ensure the success of the
exercise from the ward, local government, state and national levels.

“Go and register, so that you can participate in the processes that
will lead to the convention to elect leaders for the party as well as
those that will be identified to stand election subsequently from the
councillorship to the Presidency.
“This is your privilege and you have to guide it religiously so that
you can participate in the processes of running this country next year.
Already, INEC has released its programme which I believe are subject to
modifications when the political parties think it is time to do so. I
wish all of us the best of luck so that we can have a register of
members in our own hands and as Nigerians, participate fully in the
process that will lead to elections next year.

“I mentioned that there are structures on ground from polling units,
wards, local governments and the states. We are expecting those teams to
be on ground and available to make things easy to all those who are not
clear on the conduct of the exercise. They have been sent across the
country from neighbouring states and from other geo-political zones
because it is a Nigerian affair, the process is for all Nigerians in all
parts of the country. We do not envisage any problem whatsoever.

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“We are trying to simplify the registration venues especially for our
people in the rural areas and those who are not able to listen to radio
or watch television if there is light in the area. The people can
choose their time because there are five days for the exercise. They can
chose when to go and register, but the earlier they go, the better so
that they can have their own membership cards as members of the All
Progressives Congress and continue to look forward to other processes”,
Buhari noted.


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