What To Do If You Are Involved In A Fire Hazard.


Fire kills, so try not to be a victim- it can
start without a source of ignition. It is very easy to identify the sources of
ignition in your workplace, for instance electrical equipment, cigarettes,
matches / lighters, machinery, heating appliances, welding, grinding and so on.


best way to take precaution is by..

taking proper care while at work. Every fire
outbreak starts or even sparks at a smaller rate and then progress into a
deeper personal, environmental and financial disaster.

What to do                    
If you are involved in a fire hazard, the
right thing to do is:
Alert the nearest
fire call point / fire service so that they could come for emergency rescue
Fight the fire if
you can withstand the heat; you can do this through the use of fire extinguisher
in your car or office or kitchen
Do not fight the
fire if it is too large for you- so that you will not end up wounding yourself.
Fire prevention
Employees and
employers can ensure a safe environment for themselves by preventing the spread
of fire. Below are some of the essential tips:
Abstain from smoking
in your office or environment apart from smoking zones
Reports loose
wiring, cables, damaged wall sockets and plugs to the appropriate quarters
Make sure
combustible materials are not located near portable gas heaters or electric
Turn off all
electrical appliances if you are not using them
Make sure your gas
cylinders are stored safely. 
Means of escape
Be diligent if there is a fire outbreak, don’t
give up. Try to escape through the exit doors, staying within the environment
will worsen the situation- it will deteriorate your health. Don’t give up; try
the best you can to save your life, because your life is sacred and precious!
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